Tru Skin and Body, The Breast Event of the Year; VIPink Event


Co-Written by Julie Tortorici

October 2019

In this episode of Central Beauty, I have the chance to attend VIPink: the Breast Event of the Year, hosted by Adventist Health (Bakersfield) and Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center.

The color pink is synonymous with breast cancer awareness, so I wanted to make sure I showed my support, by highlighting the soft hue in my look.

I head to Tru Skin and Body in downtown Bakersfield to pick out the perfect pink lipstick. With the help of makeup specialist, Kristine Hernandez, I search for a lipstick with all the essentials: the right shade for my coloring, one that won’t require constant reapplication, and one that won’t turn my lips into a desert! Tru Skin and Body boasts an intimate setting where you can talk skincare and makeup with knowledgeable people. Yes, please!

A few moments later, I head to this powerful event. VIPink’s host, Adventist Health, offers state-of-the-art cancer care. They’ve put together an evening packed with vendors who offer cancer patients and their families different support options.

From brain health to magnetic false eyelashes, I try to meet as many experts as I can to share their stories with you.

Check out the episode. I hope it inspires you to do something to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

That’s the beauty in Bakersfield!

Here’s the link to the Youtube Video!

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